Capsizer 8000 - Bismarck , ND

Capsizer 8000
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3035 E Broadway Ave
Bismarck , ND 58501

The Capsizer 8000 is a one-of-a-kind machine that safely lifts and flips boats for easy bottom repairs, refinishing, fiberglass repairs, aluminum hull riveting, and welding. Designer with actual working conditions in mind, the Capsizer 8000 allows technicians to adjust the boat angle easily, using a single crank on the self-locking gearbox. By allowing one person to complete jobs that previously required two or more, repairs become more efficient and profits increase.  The Capsizer 8000 can accommodate boats up to 8000 pounds and 24 feet. It can also be adapted for jet skis. The Capsizer is a smart addition to any repair shop!