American Boat Restoration - Northampton, MA

American Boat Restoration
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7 Kelleher Dr
Northampton, MA 01373

If boating is your passion,¬†then we will keep your fiberglass or aluminum boat looking good season after season!¬
Good fiberglass and gelcoat repair people did not start yesterday. It is an art that requires many years of dedication, time and patience. Our consistent high quality work is performed by skilled composite craftsmen with over 40 years experience.¬

Damage to your fiberglass or aluminum boat can be caused by unfortunate collision, dock, rock, wind, storm, trailer, expected "wear & tear", the sun and weather elements, family members, etc! However the damage occurs we can repair,improve the looks and extend the life of your new or "seasoned" investment.¬

Repair service-¬ We can provide certified fiberglass, gelcoat and multi-color polyflake boat repairs, restoration, refinishing and custom gelcoat color matching. We offer pinstriping/bootstripe, complete floor and/or carpet replacement & pontoon boat furniture replcement. Our trained experts repair minor & major gelcoat & polyflake damage including holes, cracks, chips, airpockets, scrapes, gashes,¬†spidering¬†or "crazing", osmotic blistering a.k.a. "boat pox", scratches, "dock rash" and delaminations. If your boat has any type of fiberglass impact or structural damage, fractures, soft or rotted floors, transoms and/or stringers, we can help.¬
Have dull,chalked,faded gelcoat color? Let us rejuvenate it with our color restoration process!¬

Mobile service¬†is available for yacht clubs & marinas.¬


Color Restoration - Complete Cosmetic and Structural work¬†Gelcoat & Fiberglass Repair Training¬
Soda Blasting Service Insurance Estimates¬