Megaware Keelguard Inc - Ogden, UT

Megaware Keelguard Inc
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3473 Airport Rd
Ogden, UT 84405-2690

Megaware KeelGuard Patented Engineering Every aspect of the patented Megaware KeelGuard has been designed with boat designers and 3M® engineers. Many factors contribute to its success. A precise, abrasive-resistant blend of polymers and urethanes achieve optimal durability and pliability. A pressure-sensitive adhesive creates strength, while permanently bonding and sealing Megaware KeelGuard’s contoured edges to the hull surface. Angled grooves produce hydrodynamic channels, creating air pockets and providing a slicker surface. The perfect combination of these factors makes the Megaware KeelGuard the easiest keel protector to install, and gives it unparalleled quality and dependability.